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Nicola - Principal Stylist

Nicola - Principal Stylist

Originating from North Yorkshire, I started hairdressing at 17yrs of age. I began as an apprentice and over the years have developed to management and then to opening my own salon.

Career Highlight - Within my career I have achieved multiple awards - Assistant of the Year, I won the chance to meet and work with Beverly Cobella (the first female to win British Hairdresser of the Year), I have picked up 2 awards with the NHF (National Hairdressing Federation) winning a Senior Bride competition and Ladies Fashion Award and I have also been a semi finalist for National competitions throughout the country. I have developed further within a more creative position, doing hair for shows, photo shoots and I have even taken part in judging competitions for schools.

Over the last 7 years I have managed salons throughout the Midlands and the South including SAKS salons. I progressed even further with my knowledge and in 2012 I was awarded a MCA degree (master of colour).

I am a Bridal hair and Prom hair specialist, and take part in doing many Wedding Fares and work shops for creative and vintage hair-ups.

Luke - Senior Stylist

Luke - Senior Stylist

Over 18yrs of experience, starting out as colour technician I rose to group Master Technician and I gained 2 colour degrees with distinction from the 2 leading colour houses. I have also built up a vast knowledge of all colour houses. I then progressed to a stylist.

I have over 10yrs of management experience. I have worked on many stage shows and presentations, such as the TIGI Stand at Salon International and back stage for National competitions.
Accomplished staff trainer.
I have competed in National competitions and even got to be a Semi Finalist in the Wella Trend Vision competition.
I have been a member of many different Artistic teams giving me extensive knowledge and creativity.
I have been involved with judging Hair competitions.
I have a business and management degree.

Career highlight - Employee mentor, taking 7 people to a NHF (National Hairdressing Federation) competition and coming home with 7 awards.

Terry - Senior Stylist

Terry - Senior Stylist

My Hairdressing career has spanned over twenty years during this time I have worked the length of the country from Highcliffe to Leeds also spending time working in Australia.

I have enjoyed many salon roles, working as an Artistic Director developing and designing company training manuals and practices, salon management, teaching for global Hairdressing organizations, demonstrating on stage at educational seminars, competition and photographic work.

I have worked in teams reaching regional and national finals in competitions for all major colour houses.

Career highlights include opening our family run and owned Salon December 2013, working on catwalk hair for the Clothes Show, reaching the grand finale of the L'Oreal men's image colour award, and working on stage with my brother at Salon International - the biggest trade event in the world.

Freya Kimber - Apprentice

Freya Kimber - Apprentice

I am currently an apprentice here at Muir-Chapman Hairdressing.

I have always had a passion for hairdressing, but when I left school i went on to sixth form. After a couple of weeks I decided this wasn't what I wanted to be doing so I got in touch with Muir-Chapman, and have now been with them for since November 2017. The team here are so talented and passionate, and I have learnt so much already, within the time I have been here.

They are so dedicated to each individual and strive to train you to the best that you can be, and will always help you to achieve higher.

I hope for a long future with this team and look forward to learning more, developing my creative side and becoming a Muir-Chapman Stylist.

Introducing our new members of the team... Naomi Symes and Rhys Turner.

Naomi and Rhys are our newest members of the team. Naomi is our Top Stylist and Rhys is our new Apprentice. We look forward to many years with these guys and progressing Rhys to a fantastic Muir-Chapman Stylist.

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