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We were proud to be one of the sponsors for The Highcliffe Revival Food Festival.

Check out the official website for more pictures


* Saturday the 2nd June and Sunday 3rd June - Highcliffe Revival Food Festival... really looking forward to this and proud to be one of the sponsors of it.

* Introducing our newest product - Montibello.

The Montibello range is a salon based product from Barcelona keeping the hair in optimum condition giving great shine & fantastic colour results. It is not tested on Animals.

* Introducing our NEW product - ColorpHlex

colorpHlex improves the strength and quality of the hair from the inside out. Scientifically formulated, colorpHlex uses a naturally derived vegetable protein molecule that penetrates the hair, reinforcing bonds during the color and bleach process. Clinical trials show that a small amount of colorpHlex added to hair color or bleach makes hair up to 4Xs stronger, significantly reducing breakage, returning hair to its natural healthy state.

Ask your stylist for more information.

Only £7.00 - please mention when booking if you would like to have the colorpHlex experience

* Congratulations to our team member Laura, for being promoted to Top Stylist.


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